What Finish "Wood" You Like?

All our units can be made from a variety of different products and in a multitude of finishes to suit most peoples requirements.

From "Unfinished MDF" if you are on a budget or want to create a custom look with paint or a Vinyl Wrap to Melamine MDF for a ready finished unit to a Top of The Range Lighweight Ply Interior the choice is yours.


Below is a selection of our most popular finishes but we are also able to supply various other colours in both MDF and Lighweight Ply Please don't hesitate to contact us should have any questions or special requests.


Melamine Faced MDF
  • Furniture grade board comprised of three layers, consisting of wood fibers that are composed with a (melamine)-urea-formaldehyde adhesive (single layer base board) and covered with a melamine impregnated decorative finish.

  • Ideal for vehicle conversions where price is a consideration.
  • A tough, scratch and impact resistant board
  • A 2440 x 1220mm sheet weighs around 36kg.
  • Laminate faced furniture board

Bavarian Beech




Westminster Oak




Stone Grey*

Lightweight Ply
  • Furniture grade faced board based on lightweight poplar plywood. Ideal for vehicle conversions where weight is a consideration.

  • A tough, scratch and impact resistant board
  • A 2500 x 1220mm sheet weighs only 26kg.
  • Half The Weight Of MFC
  • HPL Laminate faced furniture board
  • Made from nine ply veneers


Hacienda Black

Striped Wood Light



Striped Wood Dark

Bardolino Oak


Black Pixel

Black Sparkle*

Blue 010*

Red 003*

Yellow 003*

High Gloss Grey*

Green 010*

    * Special Order Only    


Finishing Touches

Your choice of wood finish is not the only way to make your interior stand out we can also supply various colours of knock on edging and corner trims to bring your interior to life, there are also various options when choosing handles, catches, and electrical accessories.

How High Can You Go?

Your interior design layout is all about how much useable space you can get in what is normally a very limited size, so using as much of the height of your vehicle as is possible is a good way to maximise storage space without making your vehicle cramped.