DURITE Split Charge Relay Kit 12v 140AMP - 4m Heavy Duty 110 AMP


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Durite Split Charge Sensitive Intelligent Relay 5m x 110 amp Kit, 12V 80A 0-727-33

The split charge relays are CE approved products with a red LED indicator and allows the split charging of a second battery without discharging the primary battery or the start battery.

The relay starts at 13.4V and cuts out at 12.8V.

These come included with the fittings (screws etc.).

Dimensions are: 68mm (length) x 54mm (width) x 68mm (height).

The kit includes:

Durite Split Charge Relay - 12v 140amp

4m x 110amp heavy duty red cable

2 x Midi fuse holders

2 x 80 amp strip fuses (for use)

2 x 80 amp strip fuses (as spares)

6 x Terminals

6 x 40mm lengths of heatshrink

The kit allows charging of auxiliary/leisure battery bank without discharging starter battery.

Only 3 connections to make:

+pos starter battery -+pos leisure battery - 1 earth connection

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